How to make flam-kuche, the skinny pizza

We have had many requests for flam-kuche and your moment has arrived! This recipe is super easy to make for your children and loved ones and it goes without saying that it’s irresistibly good! Feel free to add different toppings, and if you fancy – a rich tomato sauce is a great alternative to crème fraiche! This super skinny pizza will please all the family!

Amelie restaurant, located at the Grafton Center in Cambridge is serving flammekueche, pronounced flam-kuche, as well as a selection of small bites, salads and pasta dishes.

A flam-kuche is a skinny pizza topped with crème fraîche, sliced onions, and chopped smoked bacon as a base. Then, add different toppings according to your taste, like grated cheese, mushrooms, courgettes, tomatoes, red peppers, spinach, avocado, olives, ham, chicken, salmon, etc…

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