Chefs take to the small screen, The Good Food Guide

Amelie Restaurant is closed, but Regis Crepy can’t stop working. You cannot take away of his desire to cook, experiment or simply have a good meal.

A great article on the Good Food Guide Feature Page, Chefs take to the small screen.

Regis is passionate about food chemistry and spends hours in his home kitchen to create, bake, and taste new ideas. Lately, because of the lockdown, friends asked him to make short videos to show some simple recipes. The aim was to cook from scratch with quality ingredients rather buying ready meals. Since Regis has produced recipes on Utube, all filmed with his smartphone.

This foolproof recipe is a great dish to make for all the family!

Try it here: How to make pasta by hands

The Good Food Guide says ‘One of the first ingredients to become scarce in lockdown was pasta. So if you managed to stock up and now find yourself with a larder full, check out this ‘easy peasy, cupboard-friendly’ dish of pasta with anchovy, garlic, parmesan and rosemary from Dave Wall of The Unruly Pig in Bromeswell. Fancy making your own? Check out Tim Siadatan’s YouTube recipe for simple pici cacio e pepe. You know they’ll work: Siadatan’s London restaurants, Padella and Trullo, are go-to places for pasta-lovers. Regis Crépy of Amélie in Cambridge, takes you through a machine-free technique on his new YouTube video series.’

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