Top 5 meal kits at Home – Try Flam-kuche

Thank you Molly for your great blog on the Top 5 meal kits at Home – Cambridge Foodie . ‘One bite, though, was all it took to convince me that this was a dish I could whole-heartedly get on board with, and I haven’t looked back since’ says Molly tasting our skinny pizzas called Flam-kuches.

If you are interested in finding a fun, fresh meal – or perhaps one which is suitable as a family activity – then I would highly recommend trying these guys out – says Molly. Delivery is easy from Amelie Store website, try one of our Flatpack today!

Choose your toppings, click and order! Everything is prepared on the day of packaging and either delivered to your door by Alex or Regis if it is local or send by courier in our specially designed box. All ingredients are kept fresh wrapped in an insulated pouch with an ice pack. When delivered, you can keep it in your fridge for up to 3 days.

You can order our flam-kuche / skinny pizzas bases on their own – order our bases. Be creative!

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Article by Molly Hunt in her blog Cambridge Foodie – February 2021