What was a dream many years ago, Father & Son Duo, Regis & Alex have created a brand new food concept for the UK.

If you have ever been to Alsace, or certain regions of France and Germany, you will have most likely seen Flamkuche on the menu. A delectable flatbread, so thin it cracks lightly in your mouth. Layered with generous amounts of fresh toppings that burst with flavour on every bite!

Although Flamkuche has found popularity overseas, the UK has never really had the chance to savour it… until now! Father and son extraordinaire Alex & Regis Crepy have set it as their ultimate goal to bring the Skinny Pizza to the UK and to make Amelie Flamkuche a household name! 

Their journey began whilst travelling across Alsace on route to Alex’s university in Switzerland (incidentally, the same university where his parents studied and met 30 years previously). Each and every stopover had to begin and end with Flamkuche, accompanied by a generous serving of wine.

Not only did it become a family tradition, but Alex and Regis quickly realised there was a gap in the UK market. It looked like pizza, but tasted so much better, and so much lighter! Not to mention the variety of toppings that could be used, and the dish needed just 90 seconds to cook!

Deciding to launch their own group of speciality Flamkuche restaurants in the UK, Alex wanted to name the business after his sister Amelie. After all, family is at the heart of everything the Crepy’s do. If you’re lucky, you’ll find her visiting from time to time to sample the latest variety of toppings. But you can always spot her creative input to the business: she designed the menu and the takeaway boxes.

Regis has owned several restaurants in East Anglia over the last 30+ years. The Great House in Lavenham, and Maison Bleue in Bury St Edmunds, to name a couple. They each received numerous prestigious awards and accolades, including three Michelin red forks and three AA Rosettes, as well as being listed in the top 50 longest lasting establishments in the Good Food Guide.

Alex graduated in hospitality management from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne.  He spent three years working with Gaucho Restaurants in London, managing several establishments to become one of its youngest managing partners.

After months of trial and error, pop-ups, and tastings, Amelie Flamkuche has now firmly set its culinary routes at The Grafton Centre, just opposite VUE Cinema, in Cambridge.